Fast Pain Relief

Experience Fast Pain Relief
With These Remarkable Therapies!

Vibroacoustic Therapy • Sound Therapy
Theragem • Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Our Mission

 To promote self-healing with light, color, sound,
 water, crystals, and electromagnetic energies.


Our Services

▪  Biofeedback
 Heart Rate Variability
▪  Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)
▪  Sound Therapy
▪  Theragem Crystal Light Therapy (coming soon)
▪  Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)
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Rebalance Your Mind/Body

  Initial and Follow-up Consultations:

  To establish an initial baseline and then monitor your progress going forward.

  Hours: Monday - Wednesday - Friday       10:00 am - 4:00 pm
               Tuesday - Thursday                       10:00 am - 4:00 pm
               Saturday - Sunday                          Closed

  Cost: Initial Consultation 2 hours $197            (Rebalance Session Included)
            Follow-up Consultations 1 hour $97       (No Rebalance Session Included)

  Rebalance Your Mind/Body Sessions:

  Benefits stress and anxiety issues, insomnia, emotional and cognitive concerns,
  organ and gland imbalances, and painful musculo-skeletal conditions.

  Acute conditions generally benefit from 5-10 sessions and chronic conditions
  generally benefit from 10-30 sessions. Individual results may vary.

  Cost: Single Session 1 hour $97

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