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An Introduction To Bioenergetic Medicine By Dr. Robert Rowen MD:


Here we are looking for imbalances in the organs, glands and systems of the mind-body. It
involves energetically querying the body for imbalances in focus at the present time.

If imbalances are identified, the body is queried again to find the best rebalancing therapeutics. The conscious mind is never engaged.



Clinical Study

"Drawing from a clinical pool of 1,800 patients, E.Alan Jeppsen, MD, and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D., conducted a double blind study of over 600 randomly assigned patients of which 100 were used as control subjects.  This study, "Effectiveness of the ASYRA in assessing Sub-Phyiologic Thyroid Levels in Women
35-65 Years of Age," yielded a 97% correlation with blood chemistry."




Clinical Study

"In a study conducted at the UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles, thirty individuals were tested "blindly" with EAV. Four lung cancer patients were "mixed" with 26 subjects who had negative chest x-rays and were considered to be healthy by conventional criteria. The four cancer patients were identified correctly. Of the 26 subjects with negative chest x-rays, 22 were deemed by EAV to have normal respiratory systems. However, EAV discovered four cases of previously unsuspected respiratory problems."

By Maiwald, Med. L., (1988) Biological Therapy Vol.VI #3




Clinical Review

"In clinical practice, EDS instruments are useful as diagnostic supplements to blood tests, radiographic imaging, and case histories historically and currently, EDS instruments characterize differences between inflammatory and degenerative conditions. The integration of reliable and valid bioelectric medical instruments into the clinical setting augments the ability to rapidly evaluate tissues which are difficult or impossible to assess by conventional test procedures."

Quantitative analysis of Electrical Skin Conductance in diagnosis: Historical and current views of Bioelectric Medicine by Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D. Journal of Naturopathic Medicine Volume 6, Number 1


This type of testing goes by several different names, such as; Biofeedback Testing, Bioenergetic Testing, Bioresonance Testing,
Meridian Stress Assessment/Analysis (MSA), Electrodermal Screening (EDS), and ElectroAcupuncture according to Voll (EAV).

Testing is made easier today with the use of fully computerized biofeedback testing devices such as the Asyra Pro. The device is able
to run a very large number of tests, querying the body in just a few minutes.

The testing is quick, painless and non-invasive. It does not provide a diagnosis and should never be used as a substitute for the advice
of a physician.

Asyra Pro

Asyra Pro Screenshot


Biofeedback Testing Demonstration Video - Part One:


Biofeedback Testing Demonstration Video - Part Two:


Asyra Pro - The Science:



Isn't This Form Of Testing "Quackery":

"Whether you think it is, or you think it isn't -- you're right."
- Anonymous

Yes, to some it is!

There will always be those who are dismissive of anything outside the status quo such as energy medicine. You'll often find they
have never tried it, but they have a very strong opinion about it, and they expect everyone else should embrace their opinion.

The question shouldn't be is this quackery? It should be, "Is what you're doing now working? If not, then do something different."

How Accurate Is Biofeedback Testing:

It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong."
- John Maynard Keynes

Good question. Energy is always dynamic, never static. Over 400 million times a second, electromagnetic frequencies are communicating information within our cells and between our cells. Our body is ever changing and adjusting to inputs and outputs and our environment.

Hence all tests are just a snapshot of a moment in time. For example a blood test for blood sugar may have one result now and be quite
different in 30 minutes. Same with an EKG of the heart. The rhythm may be sinus one moment and tachycardic the next. Biofeedback testing
is no different. The results change as our body changes.

It's true, reliability and validation studies are scarce to date, and no substantial database of conditions and diseases correlated with energy field measures of the human body have been published. Obviously more research is needed to validate this methodology.

That being said, if you look at the clinical studies that have been done, testing seems to correlate with blood chemistry more than 75% of the

Another interesting thing, if you recall, disease processes first alter the body's energetic field. Even the National Institute of Health (NIH)acknowledges bioelectromagnetics essentially underlies biochemistry. Thus biofeedback testing can often pick up the energy signature of
a problem years before conventional testing can find it, when it is still in the preclinical phase. Therefore it would be unwise to disregard this testing because it may seem outside the norm.

Bottomline, always listen to what your gut tells you. If this doesn't feel right to you, don't do it.

Who Can Benefit From Biofeedback Testing:

Essentially everyone, infants to seniors, but particularly those experiencing health challenges who are motivated to get well.

Is Biofeedback Testing Safe:

Yes. The testing is quick, painless and non-invasive.

Are There Any Contraindications Or Precautions For Biofeedback Testing:

None known.

What Can I Expect After Biofeedback Testing:

We'll review the test results with you, answer any questions, recommend lifestyle improvements, and go over your individualized
wellness plan developed from the test results.


How Often Should I Have Biofeedback Testing:

We like to follow-up monthly for the first 3 months after your initial consultation to evaluate your progress, answer any questions, and adjust
your individualized wellness plan to maintain healing momentum.


Do I Need A Doctor's Prescription For Biofeedback Testing:

No. However Biofeedback Testing should never be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.

Is Biofeedback Testing Approved By The FDA:

The Asyra Pro is an FDA approved electrodermal testing device.

Where Can I Find Out More Information On Biofeedback Testing:

Bioenergetic testing is used more extensively in Europe than the USA and Canada.

A good place to learn more about bioenergetic testing would be to read Reinhold Voll's work.

A good online resource for the Asyra Pro with many case studies is

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