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Our Approach

At Wellness Northwest our approach to healing is very different from what you may have experienced in the past. And there’s a good reason
for this.


“You’ve got to get your brain in order, to get your body in order, to get your life in order.”
- Anonymous



For a true, deep, and lasting healing both the Mind and Body must be healed together. Your brain controls your body. There is a constant flow
of communication between the two regulating every function in the body. Heal one and ignore the other and your healing will be incomplete.



 “For us to experience health, we must enjoy an integrated relationship between
body, mind and spirit.”
- Dr. Richard Gerber



Also healing must come from within; or there is no healing. You cannot drug your way to health. If you have health challenges... diet and lifestyle change is essential to restore health.


“Cure must come from within; or there is no cure.”
- Dr. Margaret Lucy Tyler




What Is Health

Health = Homeostasis
(balance in the mind and body)

What Is Disease

Disease = Disequilibrium
(imbalance in the mind and/or body)


The Chinese discovered over 4000 years ago for good health to be enjoyed, one must have constant and unimpeded energy flowing throughout the body. If this energy flow is impeded for any reason, imbalance follows.


“Imbalance is the precursor of disease.”
- Dr. Sidney MacDonald Baker





Three possible levels of imbalance exist. An unresolved energetic imbalance will in time cause functional or metabolic changes and then eventually physical changes resulting in tissue degeneration, disease and chronic symptoms.


Energetic → Functional → Physical


Suppressing chronic symptoms only ignores the problem and worsens the condition long-term. When we suppress, the body cannot express. This is never a good solution.



“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

- Jim Rohn




10 Important Keys To Optimal Wellness

To optimize healing from within we advocate the 10 Important Keys to Optimal Wellness.

  1.   Drainage and detoxification        
  2.   Nutrition and hydration
  3.   Movement and physical activity
  4.   Deep breathing
  5.   Mental and emotional balance
  6.   Stress management
  7.   Structural balance
  8.   Rest and sleep
  9.   Earthing
10.   Sunlight

3 Steps To Optimal Wellness

To stimulate and support healing from within we follow the 3 Steps to Optimal Wellness.

Re ● veal imbalances in the mind-body
Re ● balance the imbalances
Re ● juvenate the mind and body

Step 1. Re

Here we are looking for imbalances affecting your mind and/or body. We gather information from a variety of sources, such as;

  ○ Health History and Health Questionnaires
  ○ Biofeedback
  ○ Heart Rate Variability
  ○ and more...

The goal is to reveal where your imbalances exist and are these the cause for your current symptoms. Why is this important? It helps us get to the root of the problem and provides a starting point for restoring balance to your body.

This process does not provide a diagnosis, and should never be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician.


“Healing begins at the deepest levels.”
- Constantine Hering




Step 2. Re balance >>>>>

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