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Our Philosophies At Wellness Northwest Are:

■  First, do no harm
■  Prevention is better than cure
■  Identify and address the imbalances not suppress the symptoms
■  Support the body to heal itself
■  The part can never be well unless the whole is well
■  Educate the client

Wellness Northwest was founded in 2012 by to promote health and wellness in the local community.

Diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis over 15 years ago and Lyme disease over 5 years ago, Shane has an inside understanding of chronic and autoimmune disease and the challenges of restoring oneself to optimal wellness.

Shane was born in Canada, grew up in New Zealand and currently lives in Edmonds, Washington, with his partner and daughter.

Since becoming a Registered Nurse in 1987 Shane has worked in three different countries with three very different healthcare systems
(New Zealand, Canada and USA). His broad nursing experience over the past 27 years includes working in over fifteen different hospitals and
a multitude of healthcare specialties, including: orthopedics; kidney dialysis; mother/ baby; pediatrics; oncology; cardiology; rehab; plastics;
kidney, liver and bone marrow transplantation; ICU and ER; mental health; home health and hospice.

He was once a private nurse to screen legend Gene Kelly and approached to be a private nurse to former President Ronald Reagan.

He has served the needy in an earthquake shelter in Los Angeles after the Northridge quake and has helped setup a medical clinic in the Peruvian Amazonian jungle... but probably one of his most curious nursing assignments was escorting a psychotic felony prisoner from the Los Angeles
County Jail back to Italy.

Shane has received training in the following areas:

  Biotherapeutic Drainage
  Functional Medicine
  German Biological Medicine
  Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

As I have transitioned from healthcare to wholistic care, becoming a Wellness Practitioner, I have seen the power a wholistic approach can have.

My parents live in New Zealand where I grew up. My father went in for an aortic valve replacement in 2013 at the age of 86. Other than a leaking heart valve he was pretty healthy. During the surgery he went into cardiac arrest and it took some effort to revive him. He ended up in the ICU on
life support. My mother was not told what had happened during surgery until the next morning when she got a call from the ICU telling her that her husband was going downhill fast and she had better call the family.

My siblings all came expecting the worst. My father slowly managed to rally and came home two weeks later. However over the next three months
he spent more time in the hospital than at home. He would come home for a short time then experience another setback and end up in the hospital again.

He developed severe generalized edema, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks, and severe cellulitis.

Being a nurse I had seen this pattern many times before. Without intervention I knew he was in a slow death spiral. I flew to New Zealand arriving to celebrate his 87th birthday in hospital. I told the nurse caring for him that we'd like to take him home and care for him there. When he arrived home he could not walk 20 feet without becoming fatigued and short of breath. He slept downstairs in his chair because the stairs were too much to tackle.

I was only home for eight days so I had to make each day count. I brought with me a variety of remedies to support his liver, kidneys, lungs, and immune system. Three times a day he received these. Those first several days all my dad did was sleep. Then slowly he started to perk up.

By the end of the week he felt strong enough to go upstairs for the first time in three months. Eight days after my arrival it was time to fly back to the States. My dad came to the airport to say good-bye. He walked from the large outdoor parking lot to the terminal and through the terminal to my departure point.

What was remarkable was that he could not have done this a week earlier. It was a dramatic turnaround. I'm happy to say he has not been hospitalized since and recently celebrated his 88th birthday.

I did not directly treat his disease or his symptoms. All I did was support his organs and systems and his body did the rest. Our body has an amazing capacity to heal if given half a chance.


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