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You may schedule an appointment either by calling our number below or booking directly online (see scheduling button below).
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Our approach at Wellness Northwest is best described as a synthesis of Energy Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Chinese Medicine.

The goal is to restore you to optimal wellness. This includes rebalancing your organs, glands and systems (your physiology), so your disease and symptoms (your pathology) disappears.

3 Steps to Optimal Wellness...

  1. Re ● veal imbalances in the mind-body
Re ● balance the imbalances
Re ● juvenate the mind and body

  Re ● veal / Re ● balance   

   □ Initial Consultation (90 minutes)
   □ Follow-up Consultations (60-90 minutes)



  ■ Re ● juvenate (Initial Consultation Required)

   □ Single 90 Minute Session



We ask that you pay for your session at the time of service unless already pre-paid. We accept cash, personal check, Visa and MasterCard.
We are not a preferred insurance provider and do not accept any forms of insurance at this time.

Initial Consultation: Re ● veal
/ Re ● balance

The Initial Consultation is a 90 minute appointment.

At the Initial Consultation we'll review your health history, explain our practice philosophy, outline the testing procedure, answer any questions, then run the tests, share the results, and test any supplements you are currently taking.

The biofeedback testing may recommend a variety of rebalancing therapeutics such as homeopathic and botanical remedies, oligo trace elements, tissue salts, or specific nutritional supplements.

You are welcome to source these yourself or we can order them for you. If you source them yourself, we highly recommend you purchase the brands you tested for to ensure the best compatibility and most effective results. The average monthly cost for the therapeutics generally ranges from $100 to $300 initially then tapers down.

A common metric used to gauge healing time is one month for each year of chronic imbalance. Of course this is arbitrary because disease first appears energetically, then functionally, and finally physically. Most people are unaware they have a chronic condition until they experience physical symptoms. Your body will take as long as it needs to heal. Each person is different. Be patient and stay the course.

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes
Cost: $147

Forms Required:
Downloadable New Client Forms (please print out and bring with you)

Follow-up Consultations: Re ● veal / Re ● balance

We suggest a Follow-up Consultation at least every three months to evaluate your progress, answer any questions, and adjust your individualized wellness plan to maintain healing momentum.

Follow-up Consultations: 60-90 minutes
Cost: $97

Forms Required: Downloadable Follow-up Forms (please print out and bring with you)

Re ● juvenate

Whether you have an acute injury or chronic condition, by combining the natural rebalancing therapeutics mentioned above with the innovative energy therapies below, a wholistic transformation is often experienced.

The most remarkable results are seen when the Mind and Body are rejuvenated together.

Our innovative energy therapies include:

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)
  ○ Far Infrared Therapy
  ○ Microcurrent Therapy
  ○ Color & Light Therapy
  ○ Oxygen Therapy
  ○ Sound Therapy
  ○ and more...

Appointment Policies:

When an appointment is made, it is considered a confirmed appointment. We reserve the time in our schedule and the space in our office especially for you and make every effort to see you in a timely fashion to respect your schedule. We ask that you do the same. If you need
to reschedule your appointment, we require 24 hours advance notice otherwise you will be charged for the full appointment.


We are located at: 9904 227th PL SW, Edmonds, WA 98020

Directions are: Take Exit 177 from I-5 and follow the signs towards Edmonds-Kingston Ferry.
                         At Westgate Village turn right at PCC onto 100th Ave W.
                         Then turn right again onto 227th PL SW and look for number 9904 (with the red roof).


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