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It's not every day you get to discover an amazing technology that is not only safe and effective but that is changing people's lives dramatically
for the better. A technology whose origins date back thousands of years and yet today is part of a revolution in health called Energy Medicine
or Electromedicine.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy or Pulsed Magnetic Therapy for short, is getting lots of coverage in the national media from prominent health experts like Dr. Oz MD because of its remarkable ability to stimulate repair of our bodies at the most basic cellular level.

How Do Magnetic Fields Work To Heal The Body:

You see every living body requires electromagnetic energy to function. Just think of the heart, without an electromagnetic pulse the heart
would stop and we would die. But it is not just the heart that needs electromagnetic energy to function so does every cell in our body.
Without this electromagnetic energy our cells cannot function and if they cannot function they die. Interestingly the voltage of a healthy
cell is about -70 millivolts whereas an unhealthy cell like a cancer cell is about -30 millivolts.


Shoulder Pain and Range of Motion:

"I was introduced to the PEMF-100 after suffering a dislocated shoulder during a snowboarding accident. Skeptical as I am, I was not sure what to expect. After only my first treatment, I noticed incredible results with my pain level as well as my range of motion. I was so impressed with this…
I introduced it to my wife who used it on her jaw with great results. Since then, we have not only used it on ourselves, our friends and family members have tried it on some of our horses with amazing results. During the 2007 PBR season, my good friend Justin McBride suffered a devastating injury to his shoulder and was told his season was over. I brought the machine to him to try and within a month, he was back riding his way to another PBR Championship."
– Sid Steiner, 2002 National Finals Rodeo PRCA World Champion Steer Wrestler

Infant Hip Trauma:

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have been introduced to the PEMF-100! Our baby was injured during a visit to a Doctor. Indie needed blood work performed and the Dr. poked her foot to draw the blood, but none would come out. He persisted on squeezing and pulling her leg until it was purple and everyone in the room was crying from the horrible screaming from her. The weeks following, she would not move her left leg or hip. I hoped as she grew it would heal. Indie started to crawl a few weeks ago, and it just broke my heart...she would drag the left leg and literally be grunting and panting from trying to get around. She had a total of three sessions (over a week‘s time) with the PEMF-100 near her hips and leg. She has completely reformed her crawl to normal and gets around quite effortlessly. You can now see the hip joint moving and functioning the way it should, when before it looked "frozen" when she tried to get around. We are so thankful! God Bless"
- Natalie T. and Family, Palm Beach, FL
                                                                   Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com


What Is PEMF Therapy And How Does It Work:

PEMF Therapy is a little like massage therapy for cells. Electrical energy is converted into a series of electromagnetic pulses which pulse
through the body essentially massaging the tissue while inducing tiny electrical signals within the cells.

These pulsing electromagnetic signals not only stimulate the cell membrane helping 'perk up' the molecules that make up the cell membrane
they also improve the permeability of the cell membrane (i.e. the trans-membrane potential) allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow into
the cell and more toxins and wastes to flow out from the cell.

Consequently PEMF can increase the cellular level of oxygen by up to 200% and with more oxygen available more energy can be produced
in the cell in the form of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) helping to power both the cell and in turn the body.

Protein synthesis is also enhanced. The protein we eat gets broken down into amino acids during digestion. Protein synthesis is the process where these amino acids are rearranged into new proteins the body can use such as enzymes, blood cells, muscle tissue etc. With more
oxygen available and more energy available protein synthesis speeds up. This in turn speeds up the repair and rebuilding of damaged and diseased tissue. For this reason the FDA has approved PEMF Therapy to stimulate bone repair in non-union fractures.

However the benefits don't stop there. Blood circulation and lymph flow are improved. Look at blood under a microscope before PEMF and
the red cells are usually clumped together but after PEMF the blood cells have separated allowing for improved blood flow.

Another benefit is pH. You have probably heard that it is healthier to be more alkaline than acidic. In truth we need to have slightly alkaline
blood to be healthy and a healthy lifestyle can help achieve that. So can PEMF. The less oxygen cells receive the more acidic they tend to become. This is partly why exercise is so beneficial as it increases oxygenation in the body. As mentioned PEMF also increases cellular oxygenation. In fact Dr. Garry Gordon MD refers to PEMF Therapy as Magnetically Induced Cellular Exercise or M.I.C.E.

The last benefit that should be mentioned is detoxification. As the pulsing electromagnetic signals stimulate the cell membrane and increase permeability any toxins within the cell membrane or cell body are mobilized helping the cell to eliminate these toxins and restore it to health.
For this reason some people may feel ill temporarily when starting therapy as their body starts to detoxify. Hence drinking water before and
after therapy is important to help flush your system.

Are you beginning to see the many benefits of PEMF (there are many more but this is a good start) and how it can help us become healthier
and stronger with more stamina and endurance while speeding up the repair of damaged or diseased tissue?

Research is ongoing into PEMF, its many uses, benefits and mode of action.

What Is The History Of PEMF Therapy:

The use of magnetic fields has been around since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, possibly longer. The earliest records of magnets
refers to Lodestones which are naturally magnetized pieces of the mineral magnetite and were believed to possess magical powers attracting good and absorbing bad. Because of this magnetic quality lodestones were also used as an early compass by Chinese sailors helping point
the way north.

The use of magnetic fields in clinical applications dates back over 500 years to Paracelsus a Swiss physician and alchemist who used lodestones to treat conditions such as epilepsy and hemorrhage.

With the invention of electricity new uses were found other than providing just light. In fact, as far back as 1890, the American Electro-
Therapeutic Association conducted annual conferences on the therapeutic use of electricity on ailing patients. And Nikola Tesla, in 1898, published a paper noting his observations of the benefits of pulsed electromagnetism on the body.

However much of the modern research into PEMF has been outside the USA in Russia, Europe and Japan. It was only in 1997, in the
United States, that properly designed clinical trials of magnets began to be reported indicating the therapeutic benefits for several disorders.


Chronic Back Pain:

"For the past 15 years not a day passed without me obsessing over my back pain. I can't tell you how many days I've missed work to stay home in bed. I've been laid up the past three days just this week. After my 20 minute treatment I felt so good that I went and played a round of golf!"
- John J., Austin, TX

Chronic Knee Pain:

"For nine years, I have not been able to move my left leg into a cross legged position. I thought that at age 50, I would just have to live with it. A few sessions on the PEMF-100 and I can sit comfortably this way and when I push down on my left knee it doesn't hurt a bit. I will be more careful of what I am willing to adapt to."
- R. Mize

                                                                    Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com


Can You Tell Me More About The PEMF Devices:

PEMF Therapy differs from static magnet therapy in that is uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate the cells of the body rather than
a static magnetic field. This ensures the cells don't develop a tolerance to the magnetic field where the effectiveness diminishes over time.
Also static magnet therapy cannot penetrate deep into the tissue like pulsed electromagnetic fields can.

There are a number of PEMF devices on the market now, varying from approx. $350 to over $20,000. There are whole body systems and
local systems. The whole body systems come with a mat to lie on whereas the local systems come with an applicator to treat specific areas
of the body. Some models come with both.

The devices also differ in regard to range of frequencies and the intensity of the electromagnetic pulse.

PEMF-100 / PMT-100

The low intensity devices more closely mimic the natural low electromagnetic pulse from the earth and thus require a much longer
exposure more frequently to reap the benefits of PEMF whereas the high intensity devices, such as the PEMF-100, produce a more
immediate and durable therapeutic response and is typical of the device used in much of the medical research to date, with over
2000 university level double-blind studies on a wide range of medical conditions. Of course both types of devices have their merits.

Who Can Benefit From PEMF Therapy:

Almost everyone with an acute injury or chronic condition can benefit from Magnetically Induced Cellular Exercise and Rehabilitation. Acute injuries typically respond very quickly with the healing process shortened whereas chronic conditions also tend to respond well but take more
time as cell function and repair slowly improves.

Research has proven neurological, physiological and psychological benefits with the use of PEMF Therapy.

"How to Give Your Cells a Massage and Treat Impossible-to-Cure Ailments" by Dr. Robert Rowen
Recently, PEMF therapies have gained another supportive voice in Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, a board certified
MD with specialties in emergency medicine, family practice, and toxicology, and author of the popular health newsletter Second Opinion.

"I believed in this technology so much that I asked [my dad] to get one to treat his infirmities," Dr. Rowen
wrote in Second Opinion. "He is using it for his prostate, back pain, macular degeneration, and overall rejuvenation. My dad, at 94, is improving by leaps and bounds in strength, gait, cognitive function, and pain levels... He's even seen an improvement in his urinary function."

Dr. Rowen continues, "...PEMF healing effects ...include reductions in pain, swelling, bruising, muscle spasm, and inflammation. It stimulates stem cells, wound repair, tissue regeneration, genes, bone healing, and circulation. It also heals tears, sprains, strains, tendonitis, muscle function, and metabolic function. PEMF enhances sleep and relaxation, oxygen delivery to tissues, and absorption of nutrients."

Dr. Rowen also writes, "PEMF therapy delivers an energy that increases the 'spin' of electrons. This does not create heat, nor does it excite the electron to create a free radical. Rather, the increased spin enables your mitochondria to make more ATP (energy) faster. So it just might help otherwise impossible-to-treat conditions."

In his review, Dr Rowen particularly mentions and supports, the PEMF-100.


PEMF Therapy has been shown to:

● Blood circulation
● Lymph flow
● Cell hydration
● Cellular metabolism
● Cellular energy production
● Bone density
● Lean muscle mass
● Flexibility and range of motion
● Stamina, strength and endurance
● Immune function
● Nerve and muscle response
● Pain
● Stiffness
● Swelling
● Inflammation
● Edema
● Spasms
● Stress
● Bruises
● Contusions


Not only humans but animals respond very well to PEMF Therapy too. In fact this is one of the few therapies that can fully penetrate the large dense hind muscles of horses with therapeutic results.

Is PEMF Therapy Safe:

To date PEMF Therapy has proven safe. However there is concern today regarding exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) causing health problems. It seems the cumulative exposure to EMF day in and day out is of the greatest concern from all manner of electrical devices in our
lives as many of these devices emit high frequencies in the kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz range.

It is therefore a matter of distinguishing good EMF from bad EMF. Science teaches us that all energy is electromagnetic in nature hence it is impossible to escape EMF altogether because our own bodies radiate EMF as does all of nature.

PEMF Therapy uses pulses of low frequency electromagnetic energy for short durations. Research has shown this is not detrimental to the
body but quite the opposite, increasing oxygenation to the cells, improving blood circulation and lymph flow, aiding detoxification and enhancing cell metabolism, energy production and integrity.

PEMF Therapy may be safe but some people do have an adverse reaction to it. According to Dr. Pawluk MD 2-5% of the time a reaction
can occur but is usually temporary such as a sensitivity to the therapy, a detoxification reaction, a drop in blood pressure or blood sugar,
or temporary aggravation of pain.


Foot Numbness:

" I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2008 and a year after being diagnosed my feet started going numb. I was told by my Neurologist I had nerve damage and basically there was nothing they could do. After being in a car accident in February of 2010 I started coming to Dr. Unruh's office to help my injuries. They started Pulsed Magnetic Therapy treatments on my back and within a week I can feel the top of my feet again.
I am so excited with the outcome." 
- M. Patch, South Dakota.

Hip Replacement:

"Seven years ago I was treated for cancer on me left hip. The aggressive treatment saved my life but destroyed my hip. I've now had three hip replacements in the last five years and live with constant pain and
very limited range of motion. After 20 minutes I feel like I have both my legs supporting me and no pain. See here, I can stand on just my left leg. Something I haven't been able to do in more than seven years!"
- Rodney V., Tyler, TX
                                                                    Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com


What Will I Experience During PEMF Therapy:

Prior to therapy we will review your health history with you, screen for contraindications, and perform a quick assessment in order to maximize the experience and minimize any adverse reactions.

Next you will be introduced to the PEMF device with an explanation to how it works and what to expect. Generally you will relax on a chaise or
a massage table for the duration of the session.

Before the session starts you may be asked to remove any metal chains, metal earrings, metal bracelets, electronic car keys, credit cards,
cell phones and/or wrist watch as these may be affected by the magnetism of the PEMF device.

The session will start with a PEMF toning of the body core followed by therapy applied to the area of pain or discomfort. Each area where
therapy is applied is started at a low intensity and the intensity is slowly dialed up to where you feel the pulsing sensation but it is not uncomfortable.

The strongest intensity can prompt involuntary muscle contractions but it is not necessary for the intensity to be this strong to have a
therapeutic effect.

Therapy sessions are typically 30-60 minutes long but may be shorter depending on your health status. Those with fragile health usually
need more time to work up to longer sessions as this powerful therapy can easily overwhelm their system if started out too intensely. The
old saying "less is more" certainly applies to PEMF Therapy.

Do I Need To Undress For PEMF Therapy:

No. All PEMF sessions are administered with you dressed.

Why Is Hydration Important Before And After PEMF Therapy:

Approximately 70% of our body is made up of water.

When we are dehydrated cell function stagnates. Toxins and wastes build up. Healing is slowed. We feel more tired and listless.
Unfortunately PEMF Therapy is limited in what it can do if the cells are dehydrated. The only solution is hydrating the body.

Hence it is important to drink water regularly throughout the day and keep hydrated. Drinking soda and coffee does not count!

Pain and Range of Motion:

"I was first introduced to the PEMF-100 by a good friend. Being a competitive athlete,
I thought let's give it a try. After my first time, I was really impressed with how loose and pain free it made me feel. I immediately told my coaches about it and set a time for it to be introduced to the coaches and fellow athletes. Everyone was impressed and it has become a regular therapeutic modality. I would recommend the PEMF-100 to all athletes and anyone who suffers from pain and range of motion problems."
- Brendan Hansen, U.S. Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist


"I had a bone density test done shortly after I purchased my PEMF 100. The results showed that I was at HIGH risk for bone fractures. My spine is osteoporosis and my hips are osteopenia which is the stage before osteoporosis. Five months later I had another bone density test. The results were amazing... in 5 months...
no pharmaceutical drugs and doing nothing different than applying PEMF Therapy every other day...
I increased my bone density mass 20% in my spine and 4% in my hips!
I LOVE my PEMF 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Michelle, Indiana.
                                                                    Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com


Are There Any Contraindications Or Precautions For PEMF Therapy:

Yes there are some contraindications and precautions to consider as outlined below.


Pregnancy - safety has not been conclusively established with PEMF Therapy

Pacemakers, implanted pain modulators, insulin delivery systems and defibrillators - the electromagnetic field may affect battery function

Active bleeding - bleeding may not readily clot after PEMF Therapy


Myasthenia gravis - muscle weakness may be aggravated

Hyperthyroidism/Adrenal Fatigue/Hypothalamic-Pituitary dysfunction - PEMF may over stimulate the glands

            Active Tb or active viral diseases - may experience temporary flare

            Malignancies - safety has not been conclusively established with PEMF Therapy

            Psychoses - may produce unpredictable results

What Can I Expect After PEMF Therapy:

Many people report an improvement of symptoms after the first session which typically lasts anywhere from 4 to 14 days. Successive
sessions build on this initial improvement and usually have a cumulative effect with a lessening of symptoms over time as cellular repair

Graph courtesy of Mark Squibb at whnlive.com

How Often Should I Have PEMF Therapy:

We use a matrix based on your health status to help determine the length and frequency of therapy. For most people we recommend five
therapy sessions in quick succession, for example; one session a day for 5 days. Then reassess and either repeat the quick succession
one more time or switch to two to three times a week depending on whether the condition is acute or chronic.

For those with an acute injury once it has resolved it is best to get on a regular PEMF maintenance schedule to help reduce future injuries.

For those with chronic conditions this is not a miracle machine that can cure overnight. It takes time for the body to repair and rebuild itself. Improvement may be noticed within a week or it may take many weeks. Consistency is key.

Can PEMF Therapy Be Combined With Other Therapies:

Yes it can. Interestingly PEMF seems to have great synergy with many other therapies such as;

● massage

● other bodywork

● acupuncture

● chiropractic

● laser

● oxygen

● nutrition

● detox programs and many more...

Do I Need A Doctor's Prescription For PEMF Therapy:

No you do not need a doctor's prescription for PEMF Therapy.

Leg and Hip Pain:

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the inventor, manufacturer of the PEMF-100 device. I have suffered chronic pain in my right leg and hip after a severe boating injury in 1996. I was hit by the propeller 9 times. I have used every type of therapy I could find available for this pain in the past 12 years and received varying degrees of relief. I would always however have a return to a chronic pain level from 7 to 9 on the pain scale and be incapacitated for days at a time. After just 5 or 6 three minute sessions with the PEMF-100 I've had a decrease of pain to about a 3 level and this has been sustained now for over 2 months! This is phenomenal relief not to mention an increase in overall motion and an ability to place more stress on the leg and hip without a return to the old pain level. I would recommend this technology to anyone with chronic pain! Sincerely Grateful"
- Bart K.
                                                                    Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com

Is PEMF Therapy Approved By The FDA:

PEMF Therapy is currently approved by the FDA to stimulate bone repair in non-union fractures and a form of PEMF called repetitive
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is being used in the treatment of severe depression. PEMF is also being studied in the US
for its beneficial use in healing soft tissue wounds, suppressing inflammation, alleviating pain, increasing range of motion, treatment of osteoarthritis, stress incontinence, migraines and many other conditions. Watch for additional uses approved by the FDA in the future
as PEMF and Electromedicine gains more widespread acceptance.

Does PEMF Therapy Work In Animals:

Yes it does. As knowledge spreads about the benefits of PEMF Therapy and more people use it themselves and recognize the benefits
they will start requesting it for their pets also.

A few progressive veterinary practices have embraced this technology and in time more will. Perhaps you can recommend your vet look
into PEMF Therapy for their practice.

PEMF Therapy has been accepted by the horse racing industry where it is used regularly to minimize injuries to horses before races and
speed healing after injuries.

Where Can I Find Out More Information On PEMF Therapy:

Below are four good online resources on PEMF with articles, webinars, lectures, videos, audio and many remarkable testimonials.

            ● www.pulse4life.com 

            ● www.drpawluk.com

            ● www.gordonresearch.com

            ● www.whnlive.com/blog/pemf/

If you are looking for a safe, proven and effective therapy that naturally enhances your own body's innate healing powers then look no further
than PEMF Therapy helping to decrease pain, stiffness and swelling while helping increase blood circulation, lymph flow, immune function
and a whole host of other indispensable benefits.



"My name is Lee Ramage. I am a former professional motocross racer. There aren't too many sports that beat up and damage an athlete as badly as motocross racing. I am no exception. Five years ago I came up short on a double jump. I landed so hard that the foot pegs broke off my motorcycle. The impact forced my femur to crush the lower half of my knee called the tibia plateau, fracturing it in multiple places. The doctor that performed the surgery considered amputating my leg just below the knee. Thankfully he was able to save my leg with a superb reconstruction. Since the surgery I have been in pain on a daily basis, some days worse than others. I don't complain because I can walk without the assistance of a prosthesis. The injury did keep me from running or jumping so much of my life since has been limited. I was introduced to the PEMF-100 on December 6, 2008. As the science of the device was explained to me, and how I could become pain free from the therapy, I couldn't help but be skeptical. After all, an orthopedic surgeon couldn't make me pain free, how could this machine. I had nothing to lose so I tried it.

After the first 12-minute session, I was in fact pain free! For the first time in 5 years I could run, sprint and jump without limitation. After approximately 2 hours I began to feel pain again; however it was still at least 50% better. The next day I received another 12-minute session. I became pain free immediately and this time it has been permanent. As I write this testimony it is 4 days later and still no pain. I have visited two therapists in the last couple days that know me and of my injury. Both saw me do one-legged squats on my injured leg and were amazed. Obviously, both want the PEMF-100 machine now. I highly recommend anyone with any type of ailment to seek out this machine."
- Lee Ramage, former Professional Motocross Racer

                                                                    Testimonials courtesy of Jim McBride and Pulse4Life.com


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