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Step 2. Re • balance

The 7 biggest factors affecting health today are;

     1. EMF
     2. Toxicity
     3. Infections
     4. Poor Nutrition
     5. Chronic Stress
     6. Lack of Physical Activity
     7. Lack of Sleep

These affect our ability to rebalance and heal.

Natural rebalancing therapeutics can help in this process but without diet and lifestyle change any therapeutics will be minimally effective



“The cleaner one's diet, the faster one's healing.”
- Dr. Louisa Williams



In selecting the most suitable natural rebalancing therapeutics we frequently use biofeedback to help remove the usual guesswork and
trial and error of which therapeutics work best for each person.

The natural rebalancing therapeutics we currently offer include; imprint and homeopathic remedies, botanical remedies, trace elements,
tissue salts, and specific nutritional supplementation.

Health is as much based on getting rid of toxins and other harmful substances as it is based on optimizing your nutrition. We address both.


“The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body.”
- Dr. Andrew Weil





Chronic stress and negative emotions are just as destructive to the body as toxins and poor nutrition and must be managed for true healing.


“Be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life.”
- Proverbs




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